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Other services available from Tairua Lawns.

Property Security Checks.

We will check your property either on a casual basis, or on a regular basis. Checks can be for security of property, doors, windows, gates, etc, or for post-storm conditions, such as checking for flooding, trees down, etc. Checks of security of vehicles stored on properties, such as boats, caravans, etc, are also available. Internal checks can also be carried out, if required.

Casual, one-off checks: $15.00
Monthly checks: $11.00 (per visit per month)
Weekly checks: $9.00 (per visit per week)

Key Pick-up and Drop off.

If you are renting a property out for holiday use, we can drop off and pick up keys from a predetermined hiding place on your property. This service isn't, at this time, a meet and greet of your property renter, it's just a key drop-off, pick-up one.

Fee for one pick-up and drop-off (combined, not for each): $15.00

Lawn Mowing.

For detailed information on our lawn mowing services, just click on the Mowing tab of this website.

Watering Services.

We will ensure your prized plants are kept watered over the dry, summer months, or any other time you require it done. Fee: $6.00 - $16.00 per visit, depending on how many plants are involved.

Mail Clearance.

Clearance of all mail and junk mail from your letterbox if you are on holiday, etc. All mail will be held by us until you return.

Daily clearance: $5.00 (per visit)
Mail can be cleared on any number of days you specify for the same amount per visit.

Website Design.

For detailed information on our website design services, please click THIS LINK

All services are available within Tairua.

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